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Quality Assurance Program

Homeland Security Solutions Inc. (HSSI) Quality Assurance (QA) Plan establishes and defines the Corporate QA policies, processes, and responsibilities to be used in accomplishing tasks under the Seaport E contract. The plan is used by HSSI to provide Law Enforcement Training, Guard and Non-Guard Security Services, technical, and programmatic services to the government and commercial customers. With the diversity of clients and the variety in the scopes of work, each task awarded and performed under the Seaport E contract will have a tailored QA Plan. These plans delineate general principles that ensure our services and products meet HSSI corporate and Seaport E contract requirements.

HSSI's approach to QA has been to guarantee responsiveness to the customer's needs backed with employees who have been trained to perform specialized tasks and are operating under the supervision of experienced senior management. HSSI has made the quality of service a priority by guaranteeing trained professionals for every service provided to our customers and backed by our corporate resolution to Protection Through Training and TechnologyĀ¯. All services are supported by our customized QA programs that consistently yield high-quality Security Services in eleven functional areas. HSSI brings years of proven experience in both guard and non-guard security services coupled with close attention to detail that has resulted in the best quality, highest productivity, and most excellent value for the customer.

To achieve these goals, HSSI has created this QA Plan specifically for the U.S. Marine Corps Civilian Law Enforcement Program (MCCLEP) that includes USMC Training Support and Non-Guard Security Support Personnel (SSP). This system ensures continuous performance monitoring to maximize the quality of work by using specific guidelines to identify responsibilities, report progress or identify irregularities, and to ensure we are in full compliance with all applicable standards. There are twelve areas of emphasis used to measure our SSP program that forms the foundation of our QA plan. Areas of Emphasis:

  • Employee Certifications & Qualifications
  • Employee Sustainment Training Programs
  • Monthly Employee Training Status Reports
  • QA visits to the Employee
  • Monthly Employee Consolidation Report
  • Client Contract Deliverables
  • Client Complaint Reviews
  • Monthly Client Contract Consolidation Report
  • MCPA and Sustainment Training Quality Assurance Program
  • Site Supervisor Reporting
  • Monthly Customer Meeting

To ensure contract success, HSSI uses quality as a benchmark for our operational integrity that is infused in every process and employee from the entry-level employee through Senior Management. To facilitate this commitment of quality we have a dedicated Quality Assurance Manager who works in close coordination with Senior and Program Management and the service team ensuring the corporate initiative. The entire team is responsible for providing redundancy to the QA process and to ensure that our process identifies each area of execution and is consistently in compliance with established procedures.

HSSI stresses planning for quality at the beginning of a project by identifying performance metrics suitable to measure, inspect, monitor, and document performance objectives on a regular basis to ensure proper execution. Additional continuous improvement activities include initial and sustainment employee training, process reviews, management spot inspections, and customer surveys to ensure that quality is being met by their perspective. The outcome of these efforts produces the essential elements of an effective Quality Assurance plan.

Senior Management mandates that direct and open communication between Customer, Program Management, and Executive staff are maintained to ensure corporate responsiveness to complex tasks. It is our goal to provide an unmatched quality service to our clients, supported with solid management, communications, and documentation backed by a robust quality assurance process.